Complete Bundle

Save 10% by purchasing the complete course bundle, giving you all 11 courses which gives you a basic understanding of BIM through to advanced BIM principles and practical applications.

BIM Awareness

This is an introduction to BIM. The course will cover the basics from first principles through to how BIM can add value to a project.

The Benefits of BIM to a Project

This course reviews the established benefits of BIM in relation to businesses and design/construction projects.

BIM A Typical Project Life Cycle

This course guides attendees through a typical BIM project lifecycle from initial brief to final handover and operation, which includes the BIM project delivery process.

How will BIM affect my job?

This course explains how BIM differs from traditional projects. It provides an overview of the changes BIM will make to typical project roles.

UK Government BIM strategy and context

This course outlines the UK Government’s current approach to the British construction industry, particularly with regards to BIM and the environment.

Development of a Typical Project BIM

This course details the incremental phases of development that an average BIM project will pass through during its lifecycle.

BIM vs. Traditional - The differences explained

This course outlines the differences between BIM projects/deliverables and the differences compared to traditional 2D construction projects.

How to Achieve a Clash Free Design

This course introduces concepts relating to clash-free design. It elaborates on how BIM helps to achieve a clash-free design and considers the issues.

Project Deliverables – What to ask for and why?

This course provides project staff with an understanding of typical BIM deliverables and how they are used when delivering a project.

Delivering Energy Efficient & Sustainable Designs

This course reviews issues relating to energy efficiency and environmental impact, and while how BIM can address these concerns.

COBie and BIM

This course outlines the Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) data format and its relation to the BIM process.